Mining equipment

MAG Ltd is the assignee of the industrial equipment, the manpower, the technology, the engineering design and documentation of the “Central Repairing Base – BD Ltd’ in the town of Bobov dol .The company  has a 50 year tradition in manufacturing of a great range of spare parts and a great variety of ironware in Bobov dol‘s coal mining basin. It executes general and current repairs in the mining equipment and electrical machines in the mines.

Some of the machines and spare parts that we manufacture for mining industry are listed below:

  • Vipers (mechanism for unloading / reversal /of mine wagons)
  • Cells (one-floor and four-floors for transporting people)
  • Wagons (reversible and non -reversible)
  • Wheels and wheel sets for wagons
  • Arrows for railways
  • Trams
  • Mining and metal fasteners
  • Brackets for mining metal fasteners
  • Sieves for sifting of of coal
  • Rubber-belt conveyors
  • Spare parts for conveyor chains: Skat ; СР 70 ; СП 63 ; СП 46