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Quality containers at competitive prices suitable for different fields of businesses

Design, manufacture and implementation of metal containers for multi-lift and lift-dumper systems, BDF platforms and superstructures.

In addition to our production range of standard containers we realize individual solutions and orders on request.


small part of our production capacity

Multilift systems

  • multilift containers
  • multilift platform
  • multilift container PRITCHA
  • multilift frame

BDF platforms and superstructures

Lift-dumper systems DIN 30720

  • symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • with lid
  • with a falling front board

Lift-dumper systems DIN 30735

  • symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • with lid
  • with a falling front board

About Us

our history

MAG Ltd. was established in 2003. The company is a leader in its business and is constantly expanding through the modernization and optimization of production capacities and processes, the integration of new technologies and the training of qualified personnel. The company offers a wide range of services with different directions in the mining industry, the production of pellet installations and other machinery and facilities. The main focus of MAG Ltd. is the companies operating in the following industries: machine building, heavy machinery, power engineering, metallurgy, food and chemical industry, repair enterprises and others.

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In recent years MAG Ltd. has been established as a reliable and competitive manufacturer, supplier of various types and sizes of containers. We have our own base and large production capacity. In addition to our production range of standard containers, we make customized solutions and orders on demand.

All activities meet the highest standards!

Modern technologies

Best price/quality ratio

Full color range

Team of professionals

International delivery

Global market


proof of our professional expertise

  • BGR186 Certificate
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • OHSAS 18001
  • The Company holds License No 3 / 26.04.2004 issued by Minproekt JSC, which ensures that the electromechanical workshop is equipped with the necessary machinery, tools and test equipment for operation with explosion-proof electrical equipment.

What is the price of success? Quality work, attention to detail and dedication to meet customer’s requirements.

MAG LTD. – your way to success



Address: гр. Бобов дол, Промишлена зона
Phone: + 359 702 6 52 22
Fax+359 702 6 70 02
Mobile+ 359 885 446 147
Sales department: +359 888 444 376
GPS: 22.997855, 42.377437

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